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The Aim of this course is to teach you the skills needed to survive and thrive in the wilderness and woodlands.  You will learn the skills and techniques to light fires, identify edible plants, build shelters, make traps and snares, purify water, prepare rabbit, fish and birds, use knives and saws safely and efficiently and navigate around the country.  This Level 2 Bushcraft, Survival and Wilderness Living Skills Course is accredited by the NCFE IIQ Licence. The weekend course is more of a fun, safe learning experience than an endurance event. If you have a group, you can book your own weekend or 2 night course during the week.


This is a 'hands on' course. The instructors will explain and demonstrate but you will get the opportunity to have a go at everything!


Course: Weekend Bushcraft Course and Level 2 Bushcraft, Survival and Wilderness Living Skills Training Course.  Accredited through the NCFE IIQ Licence.

Venue: Devon and Staffordshire

Times: 7pm on the Friday - midday on the Sunday

Ages: All ages above 10 years welcome

Course Dates and Availability

  • 07/03/14 - 09/03/14 - Devon - FULLY BOOKED
  • 21/03/14 - 23/03/14 - Staffordshire - FULLY BOOKED
  • 28/03/14 - 30/03/14 - Staffordshire - FULLY BOOKED
  • 02/05/14 - 04/05/14 - Devon - FULLY BOOKED
  • 23/05/14 - 25/05/14 - Staffordshire - FULLY BOOKED
  • 13/06/14 - 15/06/14 - Devon - 4 places
  • 27/06/14 - 29/06/14 - Staffordshire - FULLY BOOKED
  • 04/07/14 - 06/07/14 - Devon - 4 places
  • 18/07/14 - 20/07/14 - Staffordshire - FULLY BOOKED
  • 08/08/14 - 10/08/14 - Devon - 3 places
  • 29/08/14 - 31/08/14 - Staffordshire - 6 places
  • 05/09/14 - 07/09/14 - Devon - 5 places
  • 26/09/14 - 28/09/14 - Staffordshire - 5 places
  • 03/10/14 - 05/10/14 - Devon - 5 places
  • 24/10/14 - 26/10/14 - Staffordshire - 5 places
  • 07/11/14 - 09/11/14 - Devon - 5 places
  • 28/11/14 - 30/11/14 - Staffordshire - 5 places

Friday's Itinerary:

  • 7pm Safety Brief
  • 7:30pm Safe Cutting Techniques for knives, folding saws and bow saws.  Make Camp (light fires, put up tents)
  • 8:00pm Make wooden pegs and put up tarp shelters.
  • 8:30pm Game Preparation (pigeon or pheasant), cook evening meal and eat.

Saturday's Itinerary

  • 7:30am Breakfast
  • 8:30am Cutting Techniques (making pot hangers, mallets and more advanced woodwork)
  • 9:00am Shelter Building (the shelters you make in this session will be the shelters you'll sleep in on the Saturday night)
  • 12:00pm Trout preparation - lunch
  • 2:00pm Rabbit or Squirrel Preparation (this is your evening meal which will be simmering for a few hours to make it the most tender meat you'll taste.  Delicious!)
  • 3:00pm Fire Lighting.  This session is a favourite and includes natural and manmade tinder, fire lays, fire lighting techniques and friction fire lighting.
  • 5:00pm Traps and Snares.  Covering legalities and different sorts of traps and snares.
  • 6:00pm Water preparation.  A very important topic if you're travelling and venturing out into out of the way places.
  • 7:00pm Natural Cordage.  Making string from plant fibres.
  • 7:30pm Evening meal and a chance to chill out after a very busy day.

Sunday's Itinerary

  • 7:30am Breakfast
  • 8:30am Pack kit and break camp
  • 9:00am  Knife Law and Knife Sharpening
  • 10:00am Foraging.  Learning to identify edible, medicinal and poisonous plants, tree ID and tree uses.
  • 11:30am Natural Navigation.  Learning to read the natural signs to find your way home.
  • 12:00pm All good things must come to an end and the course departs.

The skills and techniques you need to live in the wilderness are expertly demonstrated and explained so that you can master them before leaving the course. You need have no knowledge of survival skills to attend this course. This is learning through experience at its best.  Most people come on this course as individuals or pairs.  If you have a large group, please contact us for your own weekend.

Please click here for the kit list.


The itinerary may change depending on weather, but all subjects will be covered.

What will you learn on the course:    Level 2 Learning Outcomes

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Level 2 Course

I would like to say a big thank you to all instructors but especially to Brett who helped me in times of need an Ray for having such a big heart always making sure I was ok and for Richard for such his vast knowledge but a big thank you to all. Even though I had lack of sleep and my knee's were killing me I miss not being there and only wished I could of got to know these people better if you could choose family members I would choose these great people. It was the best time I will never forget and is the first step on my journey. Truly Thank you I will be back.

Kye Beech :: 11 Apr 2014, 17:47

Level 2 training course

May I say how absolutely wonderful this course was? I would not say that lightly. I was driving home thinking: (1) How happy it made me (2) How cleverly designed the course was and how much careful thought had gone into its structure (3) How vastly experienced all the instructors were (4) How dynamic and enthusiastic all the instructors were as teachers (5) How each “client” was treated with unfailing respect in every way. Many examples of the above could be cited, but perhaps suffice it to say a MASSIVE thank you to you and to all the instructors this weekend. Please would you forward this email to them? Without sounding cheesy, it was a privilege to come on this course and it was worth every penny. I will be recommending you very highly and hope to come on another course soon. Lots of breakfasts in bed and general treats for my wife in order to get an pass out for another weekend or even a week (Wayfarers?) asap!!

David Temkin :: 28 Oct 2013, 07:49

Great introduction to Bushcraft!

I attended this course because I was always quite interested in bushcraft and I'd seen a few things on TV. But of course, TV is TV so I still considered myself to have absolutely no knowledge on the subject. This course has completely changed that however. This is ideal for someone who has no knowledge and no idea where to start, but wants to learn about bushcraft. The lessons are great as most of them are hands on. The ones that aren't hands on are the things that are quite simple so you only really need an explanation and demonstration to get it right. You don't get to practice the traps and snares, which is unfortunate, but there are so many different traps and only a weekend to fit everything in, so it's an understandable sacrifice. The instructors are all lovely and many of them attend this course so if you're having any trouble there's always 1 or 2 on hand to help with anything. They all know extensively about their subjects and most of them are quite experienced in staying out in various climates, so have some great stories to tell. It's clear that this is about them wanting to teach these skills to keen people and not about money or business. There are a few downsides to the weekend, but they're more things to be aware of than things that would put you off: First, the "hands-on" approach spans very much to the food preparation (particularly the bird prep) the squeamish may have some difficulty, but it's made perfectly clear that you don't have to do any of it and can opt out at any time, with any activity. Second, there is a moderate level of fitness needed. You don't need to be that fit. I'm not very fit and I managed and enjoyed the weekend. But the fitness is something that should be kept in mind. It's only the shelter building and fire lighting by friction where it is advantageous to be moderately fit, however it's not like the instructors will just leave you to it if they see you struggling, I had 2 instructors help me with the physical side of the fire lighting. Third, Saturday is very intensive due to the amount of stuff they fit in during the day. I wouldn't have changed that though as everything we learned was important. Just toward the end of the day you'll most likely start to feel quite tired. But we did get a lovely breakfast of bacon and egg! And there's always surplus food at lunch and dinner so there's plenty to keep you going! Those are the only downsides I can think of but a good compromise considering everything you need to learn, the price and the amount of time in a weekend. Having said those downsides it is as laid back weekend as it can be, it's a very comfortable atmosphere for the whole weekend. You also get a really snazzy certificate at the end! That was the cherry on the cake for me! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn more about bushcraft and I'm definitely coming back to do more courses!

Samantha :: 23 Jul 2013, 23:30

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